We hope to be the first Savannahs breeder in Asian region. Our family are cat's lover and we dedicated our simple life just to be around our cats. Our Savannahs will join our cattery by the end of 2011 stage by stage and hopefully, we'll have a few F3, F4 and SBT's next year. We have very close relationship with established breeders from US and UK, thanks to them we manage to get their prized and exceptional savannahs breeders.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Latest From The Kitten Batch

Price for each kitten is RM 5,000 
2 more available kittens (Male & Female)

Sunday, December 8, 2013

My New F5 Litter

F5 Kittens (5 of them) ready to be book. Anyone interested please
call my number 012-8672530. 

Booking fee is RM 500. Price for each kitten is RM 5,000 and the kittens 
will be ready in 2 plus months time.

Don't ask for SWAP and don't ask for Installment because i'm
not interested. 

1 of the kittens has Marble pattern which is rare but not unusual in Savannahs breed.
Please don't ask me if this kitten are pure savannahs or outcross
with Bengal cat as if i cheated. 

Anyone can find out in the internet nowadays about Savannahs cat....so do your 
reading before asking me silly questions.

My Outcross Bengal-Savannahs